Property Management Services

Kinetic Realty Services, LLC offers landlords and investors with the following property management services. Terms and conditions apply. See also our "FAQ" page. 
When we list your property for rent, it is marketed on the Multiple Listing platform and through Buildium resources, which publish our listing to a large number of highly-used platforms, reaching a large volume of potential tenants.
We receive and process applications for tenancy and use professional standards of Resident Selection Criteria to help ensure qualified tenants are chosen for tenancy. Our process includes checking the following sources of information:
  • Credit Report and History
  • Nationwide Eviction Records
  • Public Records (e.g. civil judgments)
  • Criminal History
  • Rental history
  • Employment and income history and qualification
We use a lease agreement prepared by our landlord-tenant specialist, attorney Tim Baldwin, who is COO of our property management division. Our attorney’s specialization in landlord-tenant law provides us with the very best lease agreement that will allow us to operate our business and manage your property at the highest level of competency and efficiency. Additionally, our attorney trains our staff on the proper application of the lease terms and best practices standards throughout the tenancy.
Our staff of property managers and lease administrators oversee all things related to the tenancy and are highly and continually trained and qualified to provide owners with the highest standards of service.
  • Collect rent
  • Disburse owner proceeds via our online portal
  • Pay vendors pursuant to our property management agreement on behalf of the owner
  • Monthly accounting statement sent via email and available through your online portal
  • Annual accounting report
  • Provide owner with 1099 IRS Form
We inspect each property several times a year to help ensure proper maintenance, enforce tenant obligations and provide owner with updates. We  document property conditions to help the landlord manage their portfolio, manage expenses, enforce lease terms on the tenant, and obtain evidence of the tenant’s compliance or violation. We also keep the owners informed on the status of their property.
Landlord-Tenant law is controlled largely by notices as required in Florida Statutes ch. 83, pt. 2 and our lease agreement.. Our staff and attorney work hand-in-hand to ensure tenant compliance with the lease and prepare proper notices to enforce the lease that can be used, if necessary, to evict the tenant, terminate the lease, make claim on the security deposit, and provide the owner with sufficient evidence necessary for the owner’s purposes of seeking damages or collection.
  • We have the experience and knowledge of what maintenance items are tenant or landlord obligations and are able to process them accordingly without having to deal with tenants who would attempt to obligate the landlord to repair items that are not a landlord obligation, and at the same time, we are able to help the owner stay in compliance with his obligations under the lease and F.S. 83.51 to protect the integrity of the property and avoid liability. 
  • We respond to all tenant requests for maintenance and provide the owner with our assessment of the request and course of action.
  • We document the conditions, order vendor services when needed, document the completion of the repairs, provide the owner with the needed documents and evidence of the repair.
  • We know how to communicate with the tenants on the obligations each party has under the lease agreement and are able to thwart any scrupulous tenant’s attempt to take advantage of a situation concerning the condition of the property.
  • We have a Maintenance Service Plan that owners can choose, which provides the owner with a scope of labor at no additional cost to the owner
Included in your management fee is a limited scope of landlord-tenant legal services, including:
Advice. Legal advice to staff to ensure best practices, efficiency, and competency
Contracts. Preparation of lease enforcement notices (e.g. 3 day notice to pay, 7 day notice to cure), settlement agreements with tenants, other contracts with that can be utilized to protect the owner and improve tenancy outcome.
Evictions. Do not be mistaken. Under Florida law, filing an eviction is practicing law. The only exception to an attorney having to file an eviction on behalf of an owner is this: a licensed real estate broker who is actively managing a residential rental property can file a simple, non-contested eviction for non-payment of rent using pre-approved forms by the Florida Supreme Court. If the eviction is for any other reason or is contested in any way, an attorney must file the eviction. We include in our base management fee the legal services for an attorney handling the eviction, including contested evictions.
Attorney-Only Requirements. Property managers are very limited with the legal notices they can prepare for an owner. Property managers can only prepare 3 day notices to pay or vacate - that’s it. One recent Florida court ruled that because a property manager, who was not an attorney, prepared a 7 day notice to cure, the eviction notice was legally defective, and the judge dismissed the eviction. The legal services included in our base management fee provide for attorney-prepared notices, such as the 7 day notice to cure.
We  inspect the premises upon a tenant move-out and document the conditions to determine what monies the tenant owes under the lease agreement. We make proper, legal claims on the security deposit. When objections arise from the tenant, our attorney provides us with the legal analysis and response to the objection, which helps tremendously to resolve the dispute.
We use management software that increases our efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Our clients have access to our online portal system where they can review material about the management of their property, make and receive payments, sign and store documents, etc.. The tenants are able to create online accounts in our program that allows them to make maintenance requests, provide us with documents and information relative to the property, make rent payment, and communicate back and forth.
We utilize our relationships with a variety of vendors who are needed to service your property. We make attempts to reduce the costs of service and pass to our clients those benefits